WSO2: The Disruptive Company

Disruptive is probably the adjective that best describes WSO2. We take a different approach on many fronts:
  • When other open source companies have community and enterprise versions, we only have a single, complete, enterprise-ready version. No hidden features or agenda.
  • When other companies grow by acquisition, we grow by innovation and have built 25 products in just 9 years.
  • While other companies rarely expose their engineers to customers and do not usually give them the opportunity to deploy the products they devolve in real situations, we do. 
  • When other companies charge you according to the number of cores and processors of your servers, we charge you for what you use: active production instances.
  • While other companies have dedicated support engineers, we have a small permanent team and get our engineers to support the products they build.
  • While other companies try to sell you all-you-can-eat contracts and get you to buy products that end up on a shelf, we sell you just what you need. Start small and grow organically.
Disruptive can also be used to characterize our customers. Many decided to change the established order: by introducing Open Source against traditional vendors in financial organizations, by revolutionizing the way they do business in the airline industry or starting a digital transformation in government agencies. They faced resistance and they kept believing that doing things differently was possible. They are succeeding.
We don’t believe in: “That’s the way it’s always been done” . We don’t fit in pretty much any box.  Quoting Tim O’Reilly in his WSO2Con keynote, I believe we are the “Uber of Middleware Vendors.”

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