WSO2 and the Raspberry PI

During our last WSO2Con, we gave away one Raspberry PI to each attendee. We did not do that because we think it is way cooler than a bag or a coffee mug, but mostly because our fabulous technical team, with our CEO Sanjiva at the forefront, thought that using this 35$ computer, we could do miracles. And so we did. 

First of all, we clustered it. 24 of them. You can read the whole story and see the pictures there: We used that cluster to run the WSO2Con event application. We used what we learnt to create an ultra-optimized execution mode for Carbon (something you will see soon in our products), and now our support team uses those same PIs to display the support dashboards at our offices.

You may ask: does that really matter to me ? How is that going to make the WSO2 products better or fix my problems ? My comment to that would be : because the same people who achieved this world-first cluster, built an application to manage it, built a power supply for the cluster, managed to run first-class middleware on such a small system, used a vacuum cleaner to cool their computers to build a new PI kernel (my favorite one!), those smart, committed people are the ones building our middleware and engaging with you directly through our support channels. And that, does matter to you.

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